The Château de Fénelon will be closed
until Thursday, June 9 inclusive.

The fortress

ChronologyMain dates

Explore the History of the Fortress from its origins in the 3rd century to the present day.

FortressA real citadel surrounded by a triple enclosure

Chateau Fenelon Dordogne Perigord vue daplomb

ArchitectureThe main steps

FortressAerial view of the Château de Fénelon in the Périgord Noir

Chateau Fenelon Dordogne Perigord Vue aerienne FEN

SafeguardingRenovation and preservation

In 1989, the Delautre family committed themselves with passion to safeguarding the Château de Fénelon...

…again abandoned for several years, and in continuation of the restoration work started more than a hundred years ago by Ernest de Maleville.
Several backup operations are carried out:
-The progressive renovation of the interiors. It is accompanied by the uncovering of forgotten medieval installations and wall paintings dating from the 15th to the 17th century. Little by little, the visit route is enriched with new rooms allowing the presentation of the family collection of works of art.
The restoration of the exterior architecture, in particular the monumental slate roofs which are the pride of the place. Started in 2009, it is led by Thierry Chapoulie, master lauzier from father to son. The repair of the frames is entrusted to the know-how of Vincent Delteil and Pascal Lachaize.
– The preservation of the domain reconciling the authenticity of the site and respect for the environment with the refusal of any chemical treatment.
Countless actions remain to be carried out and are included in future restoration programs: clearing the murals of the seigniorial apartments and rediscovering the polychrome decorations of the ceilings, rebuilding the 15th century artillery tower which collapsed in 1966 following a supersonic explosion of a fighter plane, or restoring the magnificent stables of the 16th century are just a few examples among many others…

This titanic work meets the recognition of an ever wider public and was hailed in 2018 by the awarding of the Grand Prix des Vieilles Maisons Françaises.

Following the severe weather that occurred on the night of Friday June 3, 2022, the Château de Fénelon must unfortunately close its doors until Thursday June 9 inclusive.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and look forward to seeing you again.